Samsung SmartThings Hub

Whether you’re starting from fresh or are upgrading an ad-hoc system, the Samsung SmartThings Hub will add real power-user functionality to your plans.  This hub lets you control Zwave and Zigbee based devices.

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Take your system to the next level with the Samsung SmartThings Hub.

With the free Samsung SmartThings Mobile app, this system will let you run smart routines, scenes and automations.

By connecting multiple types of devices, like sensors and lights, you can truly make intelligent systems come to life.

Here’s an example I use:  A Zwave smart switch controls my front porch light.  It turns on 10minutes before sunset, and turns off a few minutes before midnight.  After midnight, a Zwave sensor detects motion, and turns the light on between midnight and dawn.  All of this is possible with the Samsung SmartThings Hub which programs these controls.


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